Episode 28

Published on:

11th Apr 2024

Escaping Suburban Sprawl and Raising Direct to Consumer Meat with Kerissa Payne

Kerissa, a farmer from Kansas, discusses her experiences with farming and parenting. She talks about the challenges of raising children on a farm, including sibling dynamics and the need for childcare. Kerissa also shares her insights on marketing and the impact of urbanization on rural areas. She discusses the importance of infrastructure and the availability of resources in remote locations. Additionally, Kerissa highlights the challenges of processing animals during the pandemic and the transition to a shipping model for selling products. The conversation also touches on the balance between authenticity and professionalism in farm marketing. Finally, Kerissa and the hosts discuss the struggles and joys of parenting on the farm.

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  • Raising children on a farm comes with unique challenges, including sibling dynamics and the need for childcare.
  • Marketing in a remote area requires creativity and a shift to a shipping model for selling products.
  • The impact of urbanization on rural areas includes the loss of infrastructure and resources.
  • Processing animals during the pandemic presented challenges, such as limited availability of processing facilities.
  • Authenticity in farm marketing is important, but finding a balance between authenticity and professionalism can be challenging.


  • 00:00 Introduction and What Are You Growing?
  • 01:00 Age of Kids
  • 01:39 Potty Training and Chaos
  • 03:29 Stage of Sibling Relationship
  • 04:08 Number of Cows
  • 05:30 Moving to Kansas
  • 15:26 Dealing with Change
  • 15:53 Urbanization and Infrastructure
  • 16:22 Availability of Infrastructure
  • 18:15 Rural Living and Schooling
  • 19:46 Challenges of Rural Living
  • 20:57 Essential Workers in Agriculture
  • 22:50 Processing Animals During the Pandemic
  • 24:21 Challenges of Processing Animals
  • 25:23 Transitioning Away from Direct Sales
  • 28:04 Marketing Challenges in a Remote Area
  • 30:29 Starting Over with Livestock
  • 31:48 Background in Agriculture
  • 34:46 Rapid Growth in Farming
  • 35:12 Chicken Math
  • 38:29 Childcare on the Farm
  • 41:56 Marketing Challenges in a Remote Area
  • 43:09 Food Photography Challenges
  • 44:12 Balancing Farm Work and Marketing
  • 47:59 Parenting Challenges on the Farm
  • 49:38 Authenticity in Farm Marketing
  • 50:30 Garbage in Fields
  • 52:37 Cleaning Up Garbage
  • 54:36 Childcare in Rural Areas
  • 01:00:05 Childcare Challenges on the Farm
  • 01:03:15 Transition to Parenthood
  • 01:05:03 Parenting Challenges on the Farm
  • 01:06:40 Stain Treatment Tips
  • 01:07:43 Parenting Expectations
  • 01:09:33 Encouraging Experiential Learning
  • 01:10:07 Dominating a Category at the County Fair
  • 01:11:09 Cussing and Discussing: Sticky Mess
  • 01:12:04 Cussing and Discussing: Exploded Sheep Electrolytes
  • 01:13:55 Cussing and Discussing: Garbage in Fields
  • 01:14:02 Cussing and Discussing: Cleaning Up Garbage
  • 01:15:14 Cleaning Up Garbage
  • 01:16:36 Conclusion

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