Episode 2

Published on:

30th Aug 2021

Mini Donkeys, Gold Diggers, and Angry Vegans w/ Dairy Carrie

This week we're talking to Carrie Mess, better known as "Dairy Carrie" by her thousands of social media fans. We're chatting about mentoring, raising kids on the farm, and how to deal with trolls without losing your mind.

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Barnyard Language
Real talk about running farms and raising families.
Real talk about running farms and raising families. Whether your farm is a raised bed in your backyard or 10,000 acres and whether your family is in the planning stages or you've got 12 kids, we're glad you found us!

No sales, no religious conversion, no drama. Just honest talk from two mamas who know what it's like when everyone is telling you to just get all your meals delivered and do all your shopping online, but your internet is too slow and you've got cows to feed.

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